Food Drive for Interfaith Assistance Ministry Begins Today!

People who come to IAM for help are often in distress – usually embarrassed and frightened. Just imagine how you would feel if you were threatened with eviction and had young children or were elderly and had nowhere else to turn. But then someone at IAM tells you that you can find help at IAM! Help means all is not lost! Help means someone cares.

That someone could be YOU. Grace members show each year how they care. IAM clients experience your caring in receiving desperately needed help. Awesome! Nearly ten thousand local people in need came last year to IAM for help. Food assistance is a huge part of IAM’s helping the disadvantaged with a “hand up.” That help also frequently includes clothing and occasionally even rent and utilities assistance.

How can you help? Grace’s annual Food Drive for IAM is one important answer. During February and March, Grace members can give non-perishable food and other items listed on food drive bags. So pick up a bag for the IAM Food Drive today near the reception desk and return your bag by March 16.

Or your “help” can be a check, payable to Grace and designated for “IAM” – place it in the offering plate. Thanks for caring and sharing.