Gifts Ministry – Volunteering

Contact: Karen-Eve Pfotzer |; 828-693-4890, ext. 316; or mobile 828-388-0247.

Gifts Ministry  (GM) is our process of connecting members with meaningful ministry opportunities — it’s how we help members find volunteer roles or use their gifts in ways that are satisfying and meaningful.

“We find our lives as we give it away” (Matthew 16:25)

GM includes advertising volunteer opportunities or needs for our church activities and those community activities with which Grace is involved. GM also helps equip volunteers and lay leaders with the tools they need to thrive! We offer training, support and life coaching. This shared ministry at Grace is for everyone: members, new members and guests.

How does it work? 

  1. this process encompasses discovering how you are uniquely made by God with special talents, spiritual gifts, abilities, character, passions and personality. This is done through our YOUnique workshop or through meeting with the Director of Gifts Ministry or a YOUnique Coach or an online assessment.
  2. identify meaningful ways for you to share your gifts, serve, minister and volunteer in our church and community. We will help you find a match, based on your individual requests and personality profile, passions, interests, skills and our Gifts Ministry Guide that lists volunteer opportunities