Prayer Ministry

Grace offers three areas to participate in prayer ministry. If you are interested in becoming a part of these vital ministries, please contact the persons listed.

Intercessory Prayer

The scope of this ministry provides for intercessory prayer in several ways. A Prayer Chest is located next to the Sign-up Station, where prayer requests are deposited and regularly prayed for by pastors and prayer intercessors. Grace’s Prayer Chain has an active group of members who pray daily for you and your loved ones as you request. Prayer requests may be added to the Prayer Chain or church’s weekly Prayer List by contacting the church office. Contact: Sallie Staton-Knott, 828-808-8765.

Healing Prayer Ministry

Healing prayer ministers are available to pray with you on the third Sunday of each month in worship services during communion. Individual prayers are offered for needs and concerns as well as celebrations and thanksgivings.

On the second Friday of each month, we offer the ministry of Soaking Prayer for healing in body, mind, soul and spirit. The deeper the need is for healing, the more a longer time of prayer is beneficial. It involves sitting in stillness, relaxed and inwardly turning toward Jesus. Soaking Prayer is a beautiful opportunity to wait restfully in the Lord’s Presence while prayer ministers move in the pew behind you and individually pray, quietly offering silent prayers on your behalf. Prayer Request cards are available if you wish to offer specific requests.

Those serving on healing prayer teams complete a basic training course and minister within a Biblical framework. All prayer ministers are in covenant with God and each other to provide strict confidentiality as well as a sensitive, safe and loving environment for prayer. It is our joy to come before the Lord through His Holy Spirit as we minister to God’s people through prayer. Contact: Deanna Plowman, 828-890-0919.

Open Prayer

6-7 p.m., each Tuesday in Fellowship Hall. All are welcome. Contact: Sue Filson, 828-693-4890.