Purpose, Mission & Vision


“Transforming Lives Through Christ.”

Core Values

  • Being a nurturing family of faith
  • Growing faith in God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit
  • Serving others with the heart of Jesus
  • Seeking unity in Christ
  • Embracing people seeking Christ

Vision Statement

People filling beautifully appointed space for vibrant worship experiences where worshipers of all generations encounter God’s life-transforming grace.

Each person is connected and nurtured in smaller groups while strengthening relationships within the larger church family. The mature in faith find renewed vitality and joy in mentoring the faith of younger believers. Sharing the faith and growing disciples of Jesus Christ are giving and contagious passions among members and their families. Grace is a beehive of ministries, buzzing with preschoolers, study groups, service groups, recreational and community groups – each growing in faith in their own unique way. A multitude of Spirit-led, equipped servants streams forth into Henderson County and beyond, bringing the love of Jesus to life among members and others in the community.

This work of the people of Grace is centered in and radiates out from a well-equipped, attractive facility designed to advance growing ministries shepherded by a passionate team of well-trained, committed staff and lay leaders.

Mission Statement

We believe that God in Christ is central to all life and we WORSHIP him through TELLING his story, GROWING in faith, SUPPORTING each other, and CARING for his world.