Grace Foundation Scholarship Application Due March 5

The Grace Lutheran Church Foundation Board of Directors has published their scholarship application for the 2017-2018 academic year. The Foundation is supported by the generosity of donors within the congregation who specifically designate support for community college, four year institutions, medical school and seminary studies. Since the scholarship program began about 15 years ago, the Foundation has awarded 209 scholarships totaling $201,750.

To be eligible for scholarship consideration, the applicant and/or parents must be an active member of Grace Lutheran Church as defined in the Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church Constitution.

The scholarship program is largely a merit-based award system. Each eligible applicant will receive an equal base scholarship amount. Added to this amount will be an additional award based on the applicants’ academic performance and other accomplishments. Each applicant will be competing against all other applicants.

All applicants will be evaluated and ranked on the following categories: (1) academic results including high school CGPA, SAT and ACT scores, college CGPA; (2) high school and college academic awards/honors; (3) other high school and college awards/honors; (4) high school and college extracurricular activities; (5) high school and college leadership positions held; (6) church/community activities; (7) essay quality; and (8) application completeness.

The merit ranking of the applicants will be based on the combined scores of the eight categories in the prior paragraph and ranked by Grace Foundation Board members, this panel may be supplemented with other Grace members. Any person who is a relative of an applicant will not be eligible to participate in the merit ranking process.

Download the Application (English) | Download the Application (Spanish)