Souper Bowl to Benefit Storehouse of Henderson County

Feb. 4, Sunday

Collecting canned good and money donations after worship services. NEW THIS YEAR: Members – sign up as ‘teams’ to help collect donations together on Sunday morning as a Cross+Generational service project. We need volunteers to count can and money donations. See red board in the lobby to sign-up. Teams have “Super Bowl Team” soup pots at the end of each worship service for money donations. Place donation in the soup pot of your team of choice to win the Super Bowl. We will compare Grace results with game results the following Sunday. Canned good donations are collected in boxes in lobby area. All donations are kept local and given to the Storehouse of Henderson County.

Souper Bowl of Caring is a nationwide effort begun in Columbia, SC, nearly three decades ago by youth working to fight hunger and poverty in their own communities around the time of the annual Super Bowl football game. The need for food for those in financial difficulty continues to grow each year, so everyone in the community is invited to participate with Grace youth in the Souper Bowl event.