Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry.Stephen Ministers assist individuals and families going through times of crisis or transition. They assist both Grace members and nonmembers.

The care given by Stephen Ministers is centered around listening to the needs of the individual. Often people in a life challenging situation become overwhelmed by an event and are unable to focus on their inner selves. Having an opportunity to talk with a Stephen Minister in a safe, trusting environment sometimes helps a person verbalize thoughts and feelings and to be open to spiritual healing.

Stephen Ministers have gone through an intensive training program designed to equip them for distinctively Christian, one-on-one, caregiving. Stephen Ministers are trained in a variety of areas including the art of listening, sensing others’ feelings, compassionate assertiveness, maintaining confidentiality, crisis theory and intervention, effective telephone care, praying with people and finding help in the Bible. Stephen Ministers are taught to recognize needs requiring professional help and to refer an individual to appropriate counselors, physicians or community agencies. Stephen Ministers are not counselors, so they typically do not work in situations that require the skills of a trained professional.

Grace Lutheran’s Stephen Ministry exists to serve God, by bringing God’s healing love to hurting people in one to one Christian care, sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

To receive assistance, contact our pastoral liaison.

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Pastoral Liaison: Pastor Ken Langsdorf 

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